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Fresno, CA

Commercial and Design Build Experience


With over 75 years of experience we can plumb for any commercial need.


Fresno Plumbing has already help build many different schools and educational buildings. 


For many years, Fresno Plumbing has been building and maintaining the institutions that protect us all. Yes, we are medical gas certified.


Fresno Plumbing has the years of experience and departments to handle even the most challenging jobs.

Residential Housing and apartments

Rough In

Fresno Plumbing does indeed excavate our own trenches and roughs in PVC/Sewer pipe.

Top Out

We use the latest innovations in PEX pipe to avoid the struggles of copper and increase reliability and durability.

Residential Fire Sprinkler

Did we mention that we are certified to install residential fire sprinkler systems? We've done thousands of them.


Fresno Plumbing even finishes the job right with a keen eye for detail when installing fixtures, sinks, tubs, and more.


Did we mention that Fresno Plumbing has experience in building apartment complexes. 

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Our Story

Fresno Plumbing & Heating Inc has been providing excellent plumbing services since 1945. Over 75 years of experience has allowed us to grow into a thriving leader in the Central Valley. We are a business with a tremendous support team of over 260 employees, many with long-term experience that we bring to our clients.


Fresno Plumbing is always looking for experienced individuals ready to work on new projects. 

Commercial, Design Build, Residential, Service, Warehouse, and more.

Hours of Operation

24-Hour Service Available


Office Hours:
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Office: (559) 294-0200

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Fax: (559) 294-0300

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